Flex Soft (No-Cut) A-Foil Lilac Metallic A3

Flex Soft (No-Cut) A-Foil Lilac Metallic A3

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35.000 KD
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Now you can produce self-weeding transfers in white, metallic and neon colors, without a special toner and without cutting and weeding. The most annoying step, the weeding of the flex foils, is no longer required with this new and innovative material.

Our well-known 2-Paper-System now with the difference, that the A-Foil coating is colored with the single colors of White, Metallic or Neon, instead of being transparent. This offers the possibility of very fast production in a cost effective way, without investing in an expensive printing system or plotter.

It has all the combined characteristics of the established Flex Foil, with the additional benefit of our (No-Cut) system.

No Cutting and No Weeding

Low substrate application temperatures of 100-160°C (212°F-320°F)
Printing of almost all fabrics & hard surfaces (Cotton, Blended Fabrics, Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, Paper, Wood, etc.)
For Black & White or CMYK Laser/LED Printers and Copiers
Washable up to 40°C (104°F)
Fine details and difficult graphics transferable without problems
Huge time savings
Unbelievable design and motive possibilities (vintage, used look, fashion, vectors)


Preparation of the Transfer:
  1. Print your design in Mirror Image Mode with a 400% Black on the Matte side of the Flex-Soft (No-Cut) Foil.
  2. Press together with B-Paper LowTemp
  3. Separate the A-Foil and B-Paper while hot.
  4. Cut around your design to remove the bleed coating.
  5. Your transfer is now prepared.
Application: Transferring to Textile
  1. Position the transfer on your textile.
  2. Press together
  3. Separate the A-Foil from the textile after it is completely cold.
  4. Repress with a sheet of Matt Finishing Economy for a Matt look & higher washability.