GB01944 Elanform Graphite for iPod Touch 4 Pink

GB01944 Elanform Graphite for iPod Touch 4 Pink

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Hard-shell case with the look of a high-tech composite material

Elan Form is two layers of protection for your iPod touch in a slim, pocketable design. The premium outer layer is embossed with the look of carbon fiber, and bonded to an impact-resistant polycarbonate inner shell that wraps your iPod in protection. And Griffin EasyDock design allows quick charging and syncing without removing your iPod from the case.

We've even given your iPod a place to call home: the bonus included microStand. It's built to hold your iPod in its case for video viewing, FaceTime, and more.

Key Features and Benefits:

Synthetic outer shell with a composite-material look
Impact-resistant polycarbonate inner shell surrounds your iPhone or iPod with protection
Compatible Devices
For iPod Touch 4
Graphite Form
Accessories Included
Elan Form Graphite GB01945 Multimedia Player Skin
Griffin Technology
Compatible Brands

Note: -iPod Touch not included image shown is for illustration Purpose only