NovaBACKUP v14.0 Business Essentials

NovaBACKUP v14.0 Business Essentials

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Server File and Image Backup
Individual File Backup capability allows you to select what server data is important to you. That's your user data.

Server Image Backups are block-level backups of your entire drive partition in case you need to recover from a system crash. This would typically include your primary Operating System partition “C:”.

New! Cloud Storage
You can now back up all your server files, applications (Exchange and Microsoft SQL) and virtual machines to the cloud through a single interface. Learn more.

You can also now backup to any S3 Compatible device for additional cloud storage options.

Incremental and Differential
File & Image Backup jobs have the ability to change the selection mode as following:

Full (every item in the selection, every time);
Differential (changes since the last Full);
Incremental (changes since the last Full or Incremental).

System State Backup
Include your System State components in your File Backup jobs in case you need them.

  • Boot files, including the system files, and all files protected by Windows File Protection (WFP);
  • Active Directory (on a domain controller only);
  • Sysvol (on a domain controller only);
  • Certificate Services (on certification authority only);
  • The Windows Registry;
  • Performance counter configuration information;
  • Component Services Class registration database.

Write Modes: Overwrite and Append
Overwrite Mode

  • Replaces an existing backup with the same name at a specified destination;
  • Keeps at most one backup file with the same name;
  • Allows for easy drive rotation plans.

Append Mode

  • Appends the date and time to the provided file name (media name);
  • Allows for versioning of data and to maintain several backups;
  • Utilize a scheduled Retention job to remove older backup files.

Backup Direct to VHDX
VHDX files, used by Hyper-V Generation 2 Virtual Machines, can be created directly by NovaBACKUP’s Image Backup function.

This enables the creation of a VM from a physical machine quickly in a Hyper-V environment. Take an Image Backup, choosing VHDX as the output type, and a few steps later you have a working VM.

Note: Image Backup direct to VHD (Hyper-V Generation 1) is also available for Legacy systems.

VM, SQL, and Exchange Backup
Backup your Servers with Hyper-V, VMware (with vStorage API enabled), SQL, and/or Exchange databases from the NovaBACKUP interface directly.

VMs can be backed up two different ways in the software to allow some flexibility to meet your requirements.

SQL and Exchange backups are streamed to our software, all you need to do is select them like any other file, no coding experience needed

Backup Automation
Automated your server backups to fit your business needs. Scheduling a backup job allows them to run while you are not there, so long as your machine is on.

You can adjust the frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), add a holiday schedule, and run any scheduled job as needed.

Email Summary Reports
Receive server backup summary reports via email. File Backup or Copy jobs have the ability to send you an email when a job completes based on various parameters, such as “Always” or “Only if errors”.

You can also receive Summary Reports on a schedule, to make management of multiple backup jobs easy. Quickly see an overview of all your backups, on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Compression and Encryption
File & Image Backups are compressed by default, typically saving anywhere from 10-25% over the space required by a straight file copy.

File & Image Backups are able to utilize AES 128-bit, AES 192-bit, AES 256-bit & Blowfish encryption to password protect your backup files from being opened by unauthorized users.

HIPAA and FERPA Compliant
Our software meets and exceeds the current requirements for HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA and other industry data protection requirements, ensuring your data is protected.

Supported Storage Devices
Source: Any NTFS (New Technology File System) formatted drives connected to the machine, including Hardware RAID configurations.

Destination: NovaBACKUP can store backups to any NTFS formatted drive (including RDX) or to Network Shares (NAS), or Single Tape Drives.

You can target an any S3 Compatible Storage Device (New) or choose to use our Cloud-hosted data service (New Release).