RPS M1101 Embroidery Metallic Thread Pure Silver 5000m

RPS M1101 Embroidery Metallic Thread Pure Silver 5000m

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GEM Metallic Yarn Product Information
For works that require extra shine, our GEM Metallic Yarn is the professionals’ choice. Composed of a polyester or rayon core entwined with metallic film, GEM Metallic Yarn comes in 7 variants of silver, gold & black to add flair to all types of textiles works.

Benefits of GEM Metallic Yarn

  • Produced from top grade raw materials
  • Compatible with both sewing & embroidery machines
  • Available in both rayon & polyester composition
  • Safe for human use, passing renowned tests & standards
  • Compatible with weaving applications
  • Designed for quality, durability & ease of use
  • High colour consistency with minimal colour variation
  • Less than 2 knots per cone for minimal machine downtime
  • Gives textile works unmatched sheen & shine