Vastex PTF-100 DTF Powder-to-Film Application System

Vastex PTF-100 DTF Powder-to-Film Application System

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The Vastex PTF-100 provides a safe and easy way to apply DTF powder adhesive to individual film sheets up to 16"x20" (40x50cm)

Vastex PTF-100 DTF Powder-to-Film System coats DTF films with adhesive powder uniformly, rapidly, safely, and free of waste.

The PTF-100 consists of a steel case on a stand, with a clear polycarbonate door set at an angle. It comes with two identical cartridges, each of which can hold approximately 3 lbs (1.4 kg) of adhesive powder.

To operate, a filled cartridge is inserted at the top of the unit, and an empty cartridge at the bottom. An operator positions the wet DTF printed film on the application tray, print side up. Once the polycarbonate door is closed tightly, the operator can adjust the angle of the powder deflector and the amount of powder to be released.

Purpose-built for DTF printing, the unit can sit on the Vastex S1-27 stand with drawer kit for storage of film and extra powder. It pairs well with Vastex D-100 or D-1000 tabletop conveyor dryers equipped with rear mounted powered exhaust hood to vent glycol fumes away from the shop environment. Vastex also offers heat presses and sturdy mobile utility stands that can hold most DTF equipment to optimize the shop floor layout.