Sawgrass SG500 Virtuoso HD Sublimation Printer
Sawgrass SG500 Virtuoso HD Sublimation Printer

Sawgrass SG500 Virtuoso HD Sublimation Printer

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ساوجرس - اس جي 500 طابعة

Sawgrass SG500: The Perfect Start to Personalization
Kickstart your business with the Sawgrass SG500, the only desktop printer designed for sublimation. With low start up and running costs, you'll soon be creating customized products with vibrant HD images - quickly, easily and profitably.

The SG500 comes complete with:

+Sawgrass Print Manager
+CreativeStudio Online Designer
+SubliJet UHD Sublimation Inks

SG500 Features

Designed to minimize ink and power consumption while maximizing quality and efficiency, the SG500 enables you to create the highest definition images with the lowest per image cost.

The SG500 has the compact footprint and rugged reliability of its predecessor, the SG400, but has been updated from the inside out. In addition to design improvements such as a single roll-bar, the SG500 is more energy-efficient, prints with higher resolution, and offers WiFi connectivity. This means you’ll enjoy higher quality products and greater ease of use, at a price comparable to the previous model.

The SG500 is backwards-compatible with SG400 accessories, so if you already own a bypass tray for the SG400, you will be able to continue using it. This allows you to print on media up to 51˝ long (1295 mm).
Like all Sawgrass printers, the SG500 performs its own automatic maintenance cycle for trouble-free printing. For complete peace of mind, the SG500 is now backed by a 2-year warranty, as well as unlimited tech support for the life of the product.

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1 Year

We have created three ink sets for our printers; each specially formulated for a different type of blanks.

SubliJet UHD
SubliJet ink is our most versatile ink and is formulated to work in conjunction with sublimation paper on any blank with a polymer coating. You can also press onto soft substrates such as fabrics, providing they have a high polyester content. With fabric blends, remember that the ink will only adhere to the polyester fibers.  The higher the polyester content the better the result.
You may also use SubliJet ink, in conjunction with Siser EasySubli vinyl, and press onto cotton and dark fabrics.  This will provide similar results to EasySubli inks.

ChromaBlast ink is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with ChromaBlast paper and allows you to press onto cotton fabric that falls into the category of lights, brights, or whites. For best results it is recommended to cut around the image prior to pressing.  This can be done as a rough cut as scissors, but you can use ChromaBlast with a cutter as well.

EasySubli ink is formulated for use on Siser Easy Subli Vinyl but can also be used on any polymer coated blank when used with sublimation paper.  Using EasySubli inks in conjunction with EasySubli vinyl will allow you to achieve great results when pressing onto cotton garments and onto dark colors of polyester and cotton fabrics.

When used with sublimation paper, it will also allow you press onto hard substrates and polyester fabrics with a similar result to SubliJet ink.